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T and Tea: 7 Herbal Aphrodisiacs to Get In the Mood

Published June 26th, 2020 by Blog Team

There's a good chance you've heard that certain aphrodisiac foods can help get you in the mood. But did you know that there are several aphrodisiac teas that can also bring out your inner sex god?

While you wouldn't usually associate sipping tea with slipping between the sheets, these teas aren't the kinds you'd drink with your grandma on a hot summer's afternoon. Instead, they pack in a potent mix of herbs known for their male enhancement properties. 

So, whether you're keen to spice things up with your longtime lover or impress a new partner, put the kettle on and try out these invigorating infusions! 

1. Damiana 

The damiana plant, which is native to parts of North and Central America, is one of the most ancient aphrodisiacs known to mankind. Long before male sex pills, it was common to drink damiana leaves steeped in hot water to increase desire.

Damiana is also known as a 'nerve tonic', working to strengthen and stimulate the nervous system. It also contains naturally-occurring chemicals that encourage the release of hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. 

As a result, you'll experience improved mood, reduced anxiety, and a sense of calm. This, in turn, makes it easier to relax enough to give in to your deepest desires. 

2. Ginger

One of the many benefits of this aromatic and warming spice is the way it improves circulation, making ginger a key ingredient in all-natural sex pills. This is because healthy blood flow is vital for both your health and your ability to enjoy stimulating sex with your partner.  

To benefit from the power of this aphrodisiac, take one or two slices of ginger root and steep it in boiling water for five to ten minutes.  

3. Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) has gained a reputation as being a natural male sex enhancer. But scientific research also supports the use of this Asian flowering plant as an aphrodisiac. 

One animal study showed that tongkat ali produced an improvement in erectile reflexes. And further research into this plant saw an improved proandrogenic effect in rats, supporting its use as a testosterone booster. Likewise, a human study found that tongkat ali may help improve erectile function, semen volume, and sexual libido.  

You can find tea containing this natural aphrodisiac in health food stores and online. Although, tongkat ali can have a bitter taste so we'd recommend adding honey for a sweeter sex boost. 

4. Saffron

Saffron is one of the most expensive substances on earth, but traditional medicine and modern research alike recognize its value as a powerful aphrodisiac agent.   

In one study, men with erectile dysfunction saw an improvement in sexual function after taking saffron for just 10 days. Participants experienced more frequent and longer-lasting erectile events, supporting the use of saffron as a male sex enhancer.

This is thought to be because of the way saffron improves blood flow while also reducing anxiety and boosting mood. Saffron also helps decrease cortisol levels for greater relaxation and receptivity to sex. We'd say it's certainly worth investing in some saffron tea for a sexual boost you'll never forget. 

5. Nutmeg

Unani medicine mentions the use of nutmeg as a male enhancement agent, recognizing its ability to increase sexual desire. 

Nutmeg's power lies in the way it imitates the effects of serotonin, helping you to relax and slow things down while also elevating your mood. This creates the perfect recipe for longer and more satisfying sex sessions, meaning more time to try these different sexual positions.  

Nutmeg also promotes better sleep, which in turn reduces stress and helps balance hormones for better general health as well as a natural libido boost.

Scientific research using rats confirms that nutmeg produces a significant and sustained increase in sexual activity, increasing both libido and sexual potency. Drinking tea containing nutmeg is the perfect way to benefit from these effects, with every sip of this warming infusion sure to warm your loins. 

6. Sarsaparilla

Chinese Medicine uses sarsaparilla as a natural male sex enhancer, while Native Americans also used teas and tonics made from its roots as an aphrodisiac and blood cleanser. 

Like many other herbs on this list, sarsaparilla boosts blood flow, but it also contains compounds that increase sperm mobility. Sarsaparilla tea could help you in the same way, working as a testosterone booster and an effective way to improve your sexual performance. 

7. Yohimbe

Yohimbe (Pausinystalia yohimbe) is the only herb in the Physician's Index listed as an aid for sexual function. In fact, clinicians have been using yohimbe in all-natural sex pills for decades. The FDA even approved yohimbe in the treatment of impotency, while scientific research shows that yohimbe helps with orgasmic dysfunction.  

Yohimbe works to increase sexual potency by dilating blood vessels and stimulating blood flow. This powerful herb also encourages the body to produce norepinephrine, an essential chemical in the formation of erections.

Experts also believe that yohimbe stimulates the pelvic nerve ganglia while also supplying nerve endings with more adrenaline. The result is increased stamina, prolonged erections, and greater sexual sensation, benefiting men with and without erectile dysfunction. 

You can buy yohimbe tea online and in health food stores, although you can also make your own tea by grinding yohimbe bark and steeping it in boiling water for around 10 minutes. To make the tea more soluble, add 500 mg of vitamin C. You might also want to add honey and cinnamon to improve the taste of this somewhat bitter herb. 

Try These Aphrodisiac Teas Today

Sipping on tea might not sound like the sexiest type of foreplay. But it's a different story when you've got a cupful of these aphrodisiac teas to fire you up!

That said, if infusions aren't really your cup of tea then you might prefer to harness the power of these natural herbal aphrodisiacs with our all-natural male sex pills

See the results for yourself by placing an order today, or feel free to contact us for more information. 

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