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A Guide to the Best Anal Toys for Couples in 2023

Published December 7th, 2023 by Blog Team

Great sex isn't limited to conventional penetration. It's not uncommon for people today to use sex toys to spice things up. In fact, vibrators were created over 100 years ago and initially had medical purposes.

Some types of sex toys are less common than others, but this doesn't make them any less enjoyable. We've put together a brief list of the best anal toys for couples that can help with improving your sex life. Let's explore what you should know.


These are some of the most common toys that couples use. They can easily lead to better sex under many circumstances. Both men and women can benefit from wearing plugs during penetration.

Men can stimulate the prostate, while women can experience greater overall pleasure. It's always recommended to choose plugs that have a handle. This prevents users from inserting the toy too far and being unable to retrieve it.


Beads are a bit different than plugs. This toy is longer and has sections of varying widths.

As it's further inserted, the toy becomes wider. This gives users the opportunity to acclimate to the size instead of experiencing everything at once. It's recommended to use plenty of lube before using beads to maximize pleasure without sacrificing comfort.

Pegging Dildos

These are designed to help one partner penetrate the other. They come in various shapes, sizes, and textures.

Users who don't have experience with pegging should always use caution. This applies to both partners.

Encourage open communication so the receiving party can easily convey discomfort or concerns. As long as you focus on safety, pegging can be a highly enjoyable sexual activity for everyone involved.

Vibrating Toys

Vibrating toys come in many forms, but the most common are plugs and beads. As the name implies, these have vibrating functionality for extra pleasure. The primary benefit is that insertion length and toy size don't matter as much for vibrating toys.

Even a small vibrating plug, for example, can provide a great experience. Some vibrating toys require batteries, while others are rechargeable.

Metal Wands

Many people overlook metal wands when browsing sex toy options. These can be straight or curved, but the metal material is the main attraction.

A unique way some people use them is by putting them in the freezer beforehand. The cold sensation a chilled metal wand provides can exponentially increase your pleasure and bring fantasies to life.

Their rigidity is also an enticing attribute. Many toys are made from silicone and are prone to bending with use. Metal wands, on the other hand, retain their form throughout the session.

Spruce Up Your Sexual Experience With These Anal Toys for Couples!

As long as you use them responsibly, the anal toys for couples on this list can open the doorway to a new world of pleasure. From here, you can continue exploring new opportunities with your partner and reach levels of intimacy like never before.

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