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Can Having Regular Sex Boost Your Testosterone Levels?

Published June 9th, 2020 by Blog Team

According to research, one in every four men over 30 years of age has abnormally low testosterone. It is normal to lose a bit of testosterone as you age, yet many men experience a decline that affects their life.

There are many ways to boost testosterone levels, such as hormonal therapy, injections, and pellets. Yet, many men do not like the negative side effects., such as a low sex drive, associated with these treatments. 

So the problem is, what helps with low testosterone levels so you can get randy in the bedroom again? Does sex increase testosterone? 

Interestingly enough, it does.

Not only can sex increase your testosterone levels, but it can also increase your lifespan

The only question is, how? 

Thankfully, we've created this article to answer those questions. Keep on reading to learn how does sex increase testosterone, and how you can have more sex while feeling a low libido. 

The Relationship Between Sex and Testosterone

Testosterone plays an essential role in your sexual function. Testosterone is needed for both men and women to increase their sex drive. It also helps to have more pleasurable sex, and boost feel-good endorphins in the brain to feel better in their life.

According to a study in the Science Direct Journal, both men and women had significantly higher levels of salivary testosterone concentrations after sexual intercourse.

These levels declined after no sexual activity. Then increased again when their intercourse activities started again. 

One interesting study used a U.S. sex club to retrieve more information about how sex increases testosterone levels. They took salivary tests on the men who attended the club to see their testosterone response in a sexually stimulating environment.

The discoveries were quite obvious when they found that the salivary testosterone levels in the men who only visited the club without any sexual activity were much lower than in the men who engaged in sexual activity. 

It is quite obvious that men have higher levels of testosterone, which therefore leads to a higher sex drive. Yet, the same study also discovered a link between psychological factors that lead to higher libido in the first place.

These psychological factors were:

  • Sexual and relational, the connection between the partners
  • The overall mood, stress responses
  • Body confidence and embodying sexual desire without hesitation

Masturbation and Sex Drive

We now understand the role that sex plays on increasing salivary testosterone concentration levels. The next question is, what part about sex increases those levels? Is it the ejaculation, or the mental association of sexual activity with a partner? 

If you had no partner to have sex with, would your testosterone levels drop because you are only able to masturbate without sex? 

According to a study done by the Archives of Sexual Behaviour, testosterone levels are higher in people with sexual desire. This did not matter if they had a partner or not. 

For both men and women, a higher level of testosterone causes a desire for more self-pleasure, which in turn, increases the levels of testosterone. 

So, does sex increase testosterone, yes! Does masturbation increase testosterone? Also, yes. 

In other words, pleasure and sex drive leads to more pleasure and an even higher sex drive. However, even without sex drive due to low testosterone, more sex can lead to higher testosterone, which in turn, increases your sex drive!

How to Increase Your Sex Drive

We've now covered how sexual activity increases testosterone levels. The only problem now is if you have a low sex drive due to low testosterone, how can you begin to have sex to improve that?

Thankfully, we will now cover how you can increase your sex drive so you can get freaky between the sheets and reap all the benefits!

Take an Enhancement Pill

Many men with low sex drive also suffer from erectile dysfunction. Thankfully, there are natural pills such as Schwinnng that increase libido, erection size, hardness, longer sexual experiences, and have more intense orgasms. 

Enhancement pills  can do an incredible job of increasing levels of sexual confidence, which can decrease when low testosterone levels are present. The right enhancement pill will do wonders for your bedroom performance and libido.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Nutrition plays a vital role in your sexual function. A healthy, nourished body functions much more efficiently than a body that is fed junk food. 

Focus on eating whole foods that include a wide range of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, lean proteins, and essential fats.

Foods such as watermelon, shellfish, dark chocolate, pistachios, avocados, bananas, and fenugreek are all aphrodisiac foods that help to boost your libido. 

Certain herbs increase both male and female libido including maca, ginseng, Gingko Biloba, and Tribulus. 

Once your cells in your body receive the nourishment they need, the chemical reactions will begin. You will notice a nice boost of libido, all from healthy food!


Moving your body increases blood flow, boosts feel-good endorphins (same as sexual intercourse). It also improves your mood and can stimulate your sexual energy.

An unhealthy body leads to the loss of libido as your body shuts down many unnecessary functions to keep itself alive.

Once you increase your overall health with the right foods, exercise, and natural enhancement supplementation, you will notice a natural boost in libido like you have never felt before!

Please keep in mind that it is important that you seek your doctor's advice before beginning any new exercise, nutritional, or supplementation routine. 

So, Does Sex Increase Testosterone Levels?

We began this article with the question, "Does sex increase testosterone levels?" and the answer is a 'hard' YES!

If you are ready for a powerful libido booster so that you can reap the benefits of getting your dance on between the sheets, check out our all-natural male-enhancement supplements! 

You can purchase them in bulk order, or subscribe to a monthly membership where we send you 40 pills per month! 

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