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9 Easy Ways to Fix Low Testosterone

Published November 14th, 2018 by Blog Team

If you're struggling with low testosterone levels, have no fear! In this article, we're discussing nine easy ways for how to fix low testosterone.

Testosterone, everyone has it and everyone needs it. Without it, you die. Or at the very least your physical, mental and emotional health will greatly suffer.

Chances are, you have probably experienced some of the symptoms. Maybe you have noticed an expanding midsection or been out of sorts. Maybe your sleep quality has taken a hit and your mid-afternoon slump hits early and lasts until bedtime.

Whatever your symptoms are, you know something is wrong and you think testosterone may be the key. But how do you get more of it? Take supplements, work out for two hours every night, get great sleep, and completely change your lifestyle habits.

Well, if you want to find yourself in an early grave while still not managing to fix low testosterone, sure, you can do all that. 

Or, just as an alternative, you can look at a few easier things to do, which will result in boosting your levels up to normal again.

1. Go for a Walk

This information isn't new, everyone knows walking is a good exercise.

For this bit, try to incorporate the 1% better method. Start today with walking 1000 steps either in the morning before work or sometime after work. For most people, this is approximately half a mile and will take you 7-10 minutes.

Everyone wastes at least ten minutes of time in their day. You are going to put it to use and get that heart rate up while taking slow and controlled breaths the whole way. 

The goal here is to take such deep breaths that you breathe as few times as possible. Now, for 1% better: increase those total steps on your walk every day.

Whether you add 10, 20, 50 or 100 steps to every time you walk is your choice. No matter what, add steps to every walk and walk at least 3 times a week.

2. Grab the Oatmeal and Cinnamon

Notice sugar isn't listed. You get to make this choice all for yourself. 

Most people prefer having oatmeal with sugar of some sort, and who can blame them? Oatmeal tastes better with sugar. However, at least try to limit the amount you add, and reduce it over time.

Everyone knows oatmeal is full of fiber which reduces cholesterol in the arteries. However, you may not know that oatmeal pack a punch of phosphorus, which can boost the libido, and your sex drive goes hand-in-hand with testosterone.

3. Practice Mindfulness and Laughter

Mindfulness is another way of saying meditation. Whether that means focusing on your breath or repeating religious texts is up to you, but do it daily, even if just for five minutes.

Also, learn to laugh! Especially learn to laugh at yourself and your situations! Someone once said we should be happy when snow falls because if you don't, you will have less happiness but the same amount of snow.

Both of these practices are in favor of reducing stress since we are all familiar with the negative effect stress has on testosterone.

4. Two Minutes to Fix Low Testosterone

Yes, this step adds something else to your weekly schedule, but this one only takes two minutes.

Practice power postures. That's right, just take a minute or two to stand in a posture that makes you feel bigger and more powerful. Like the hero pose with your fists on your hips and your back straight.

Or you can lean back in a chair and lace your fingers behind your head. Alternatively, sit, spread your legs wide and place your arm around the back of the chair next to you. Whatever you choose, spend two minutes a day doing it.

5. Burpees!!!

Alright, alright, settle down, you knew exercise would come up eventually. Exercise, especially high-intensity exercises that use lots of joints, can help fix low testosterone.

Most people might scream at the computer about how little time they have to exercise and how they cannot possibly squeeze it into their schedule.

Here's a challenge, after you finish this article, set a timer for six minutes. Do two minutes of mountain climbers, two minutes of burpees and two minutes of lunge jumps.

Finish reading first, because you won't be moving for another 10 minutes when that timer goes off. It doesn't take long to get a very intense workout which will shoot your testosterone through the roof.

6. Nuts and Bolts... er, Beans

Start eating those nuts and beans fellas! Obviously, a steak tastes better, but if you want higher testosterone, you need some plant sources of protein and fiber.

Beyond being good for your waistline and your waste removal, these are full of D-aspartic acid.  This amino acid is good for your T levels.

So go ahead and reach for those legumes and tree nuts and let someone else reach for your nuts.

7. Cup of Joe

Turns out, caffeine isn't just your friend when it comes to giving you a boost in the morning. Small doses of caffeine before a workout can give your testosterone levels a greater boost while you exercise.

Alternatively, try a cup of strong tea shortly before a workout and enjoy the benefits of a gentle rise and sloping fall in energy that won't keep you up all night.

8. Sounds Fishy

The agony you are in is not lost here. With seven methods already down, you thought you were in the clear and fish weren't going to rear their smelly heads.

But here is the skinny on fish, they are packed with muscle-building protein, full of brain-enhancing magnesium, and loaded with gut shrinking fats. How could you leave them out of your diet with all they do to fix your testosterone?

9. Leg Day!

Again, exercise has to be mentioned because if you leave it out, you cut the legs out from under your testosterone boosting goals.

The legs are full of giant muscles and you can turn them on in so many ways. High-intensity exercises that work multiple joints like squats, bridges, push-ups, pull-ups and even sex give you the boost you need. So get busy doing it, all of it!

Boost Your Testosterone Today

You can do at least one of these things today. Yes, today, right now maybe, or possibly before you go to bed.

Whatever you choose to incorporate, do it right now and do it every day. In a month, you will have a new habit, and in nine months, nine new habits.

What's more, in nine months, you could fix your low testosterone, but you have to start now.

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