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Hot Tips on How to Get Your Wife in the Mood

Published June 16th, 2020 by Blog Team

Americans are having less sex compared with previous generations. 

When you have been with your loving wife for a while, she won't always want to get jiggy between the sheets with you.

After a number of years, things can get quite stale in the bedroom. That's why you need to explore ways to spice things up.

Every woman is different. But, here are a few tips to get your wife in the mood for a mind-blowing night in bed.

Check out our ideas below to discover how to get your wife in the mood.

1. Offer Her a Massage After a Long Day

Around 40 percent of women avoid sex because of low libido. But, this could simply be because they are exhausted after a tough day at work.

You could help your wife relax and recover from a long day with a massage. There's nothing better than a shoulder or back massage to get you in the mood.

This is also a great way to get physical and intimate with your wife before sex. This will surely get both of you in the mood.

Grab massage lotion and turn down the lights to enhance the sexy atmosphere of the room even more.

2. Kiss Her on the Neck

There are few things more erotic than a neck kiss. As soon as you encounter each other, a kiss from behind on the neck is sure to get her in the mood.

Hold her by the hips and lean over to peck her on the neck if you want things to escalate quickly. 

Just make sure she likes this. She may prefer a kiss on the lips or a hug when you haven't seen each other all day.

3. Watch a Romantic Movie 

There's a reason why "Netflix and Chill" became a synonym for staying at home and having sex.

When you and your wife sit down with a glass of wine to watch a romantic movie, it's difficult not to have sex on your mind.

Turn on The Notebook or Casablanca to get her in the mood for sex. She won't be able to resist having sex on the couch.

4. Tell Her She Looks Gorgeous 

Women only accept compliments around 40 percent of the time. That's why it's important to choose your moment and complement it carefully. 

Has your wife got a new dress? You should mention "you look amazing in your dress" rather than "your dress is great."

Making it clear that it's about her, not the outfit is really important to get her to accept the compliment.

It's probably also wise to avoid being too obvious with your complements. If she suspects you're only saying it to get her into bed, she might not be pleased.

5. Run Her a Steamy Bath 

Women's bath rituals can be pretty complicated. So make sure you follow the rules of running a bath.

This could include certain soaps and lighting a few candles around the bathtub. She may want you to stay with her while she soaks or leaves her alone with a book.

Just make sure you're around when she gets out of the bath. If she gets dressed before you can make your move, you've probably missed your moment.

6. Prepare a Delicious Home-Cooked Dinner

You might think that your wife would find your sexiest when you're being handy around the house.

This could include putting up a shelf or cutting the lawn outside. However, research shows that women are most turned on when men are in the kitchen.

If you can prepare a delicious home-cooked dinner for two, you'll be greatly rewarded after everything has been eaten.

Cook her a tasty meal to really impress her. She won't be able to resist your approach after she has enjoyed your food.

7. Ask About Your Sexual Fantasy With Her

About 27 percent of Americans have a sexual fantasy that they're too shy to share with their sexual partner.

You may have already shared your deepest and darkest secrets about what you want in the bedroom with your wife.

But, have you ever asked what she wants? She might be a lot kinkier than you ever imagined. 

She might want to try one of these sex positions to really spice up your marriage.

8. Pay Attention to Your Self-Care

Many men never even think about self-care. Have you let yourself go since you got married to your wife?

This isn't exactly a great starting point for getting your wife in the mood. You need to focus on how you can look after yourself much better.

This could include everything from shedding a few pounds to buying a new outfit to show off to your wife.

9. Buy Her Something Special 

You need to make your wife feel special. Buying your lover something a little different is great to show that you care.

This romantic gesture is exactly the kind of thing to get your wife horny. She may simply enjoy a box of luxury chocolates or a bunch of flowers.

But, if you really want to make an impact, you could arrange for a romantic night in a hotel or a weekend away on vacation.

10. Be Honest and Open About Your Desires 

There is nothing sexier than openness. If you want to have sex with your wife, just tell her.

Being honest with your partner is sometimes better than trying to convince her to get into bed with you.

If you haven't had sex in a while, tell her it's important to you. You may discover that she's a lot more up for it than you realized. 

You could be trying something new in the bedroom in a few moments after mentioning you want more sex.

How to Get Your Wife in the mood

Now you know that you don't simply need to pleasure yourself. There are tons of ways to learn how to get your wife in the mood. 

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