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7 Frequently Asked Questions About Testosterone Boosters

Published May 30th, 2019 by Blog Team

There's not a man on the planet who enjoys erectile dysfunction. It's logical to suggest there's not a woman on the planet who enjoys it either.

Those who have experienced it can attest to the feeling of helplessness, shame, embarrassment, and frustration. Unfortunately, without help, such as testosterone boosters, it's a difficult cycle to break because it quickly becomes a psychological issue.

For men with ED, there's a lot of pressure involved, not just getting it up, but keeping it up. All it takes is one ounce of self-doubt or one negative thought to send things shrinking out of control.

Fortunately, testosterone boosters have been created for just this type of problem, helping men everywhere.

What do you know about them?

Take a look at 7 of the most frequently asked questions people have about testosterone boosters.

1. What is Testosterone Deficiency?

Testosterone deficiency is a condition, generally affecting older men, in which their body doesn't produce enough of their main sex hormone, testosterone. Although less common, testosterone deficiency can also occur in younger men, and even developing children. 

Low testosterone is also known as Hypogonadism.

What Causes Testosterone Deficiency?

A decrease in testosterone is inevitable to some degree in all aging men. It's simply part of the aging process. Normally, after the age of 30, men lose 1% of their testosterone each year.

However, some men experience it more so than others.

Injuries and infections that interrupt blood supply to the testicles are an example of physical traumas that can lead to testosterone deficiency.

Alternatively, genetics, medications, illnesses, anxiety, and a whole host of other causes exist. The best way to understand the causes of testosterone deficiency is by seeing your doctor.

What Are the Signs?

If you suspect you might need testosterone boosters, there are a few signs to look out for to help seal the deal.

With low testosterone, comes a decreases sex drive. If you find yourself not in the mood more often than normal or have difficulty getting an erection, you may be dealing with a testosterone deficiency.

Physically, you may feel tired or fatigued more often. Additionally, you may notice a loss of muscle mass and an increase in body fat. Some other unexpected signs may be hair loss, mood changes, and hot flashes.

Is it Normal?

As we suggested earlier, testosterone naturally decreases in all men over the age of 30.

However, clinical cases of hypogonadism affect up to 40% of men over the age of 45. While it's not quite half the population of middle-aged men, it's darn close. 

If you are suffering from testosterone deficiency, don't beat yourself up, you're certainly not alone!

2. What Are the Benefits of Taking a Testosterone Booster?

For those struggling with hypogonadism, testosterone boosters can vigorously turn their world around. 

Men taking test boosters can expect to see a positive change in their moods, increased muscle mass, and bone density, and an increased sex drive. Additionally, testosterone boosters are great for curing any problems associated with erectile dysfunction.

Finally, testosterone supplements are believed to decrease the risk of heart disease and dementia-related diseases.

3. How Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

Testosterone boosters are generally natural supplements that increase your testosterone and testosterone-related hormones in your body. 

Some testosterone boosters also work by blocking estrogen, the female sex hormone.

4. Who Should Stay Away from Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone boosters are great for those dealing with hypogonadism and men who are over the age of 45 and are beginning to see the negative side effects of testosterone deficiency.

Additionally, those suffering from erectile dysfunction are also great candidates for testosterone boosters. 

However, those who are prone to heart disease and strokes should be wary before starting testosterone boosters of any kind. If you have heart problems but feel a testosterone booster is necessary, contact your doctor before beginning any treatments.

5. Are There Any Serious Health Risks?

As with any medication, testosterone boosters have some health risks, especially with long-term use. Keep in mind, any abused supplement will have negative and sometimes severe side effects. It's imperative not to overdose or exceed the amount prescribed.

Normal side effects, however, include oily skin and acne, increased body hair, and mild fluid retention. Rarely, men experience shrinking in the testicles and breast enlargement.

Some health-related side effects include increased blood clots, worsened sleep apnea, increased risk of prostate abnormalities, and a possible increased risk of a heart attack or stroke.

6. How Can I Supplement Testosterone Boosters?

Just because you get onto a testosterone supplement, it doesn't mean you can't do more! There are several quick and easy tips to naturally increase your testosterone.

  • Be active. Lift weights and exercise
  • Spend time outside, soaking up the sun
  • Enjoy a healthy diet, low on sugars, high in vitamins and minerals
  • Try to get a good night’s sleep each night
  • Get in plenty of fats, proteins, and yes, even carbs
  • Eat as much fish as possible

7. How Do I Choose the Right Testosterone Booster for Me?

There are tons of testosterone supplements on the market. How do you know what to choose?

Here are a few key points to keep in mind.


Check the website. A reputable company will have its ingredients listed as well as any studies and scientific data supporting the desired results.


One of the first things consumers are concerned about is the cost. How much are the testosterone boosters you're looking at? Are they in your price range?

Also, can you afford to take them as long as prescribed?


What would the internet be without testimonials and reviews?

One of the best tools you can use to determine if a product is right for you are reviews from other customers.

If it's a good product, they'll let you know.

Your Needs

Choose a testosterone booster based on your needs. What symptoms are you showing? What are the possible causes of your testosterone deficiency?

Keep these questions in mind when finding the right supplement for you.

Testosterone Deficiency Isn't the End

We know how tough it is dealing with low testosterone levels. We know the frustration and shame men feel when they experience erectile dysfunction or are watching their bodies lose muscle and gain fat.

This isn't the end!

Testosterone boosters may be your saving grace. Find out what we're all about at Schwinnng.  We are here to help people just like you!

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