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The Most Popular Sex Positions to Try With Your Partner

Published October 3rd, 2022 by Blog Team

Research suggests that over 50% of men and women engage in sexual activities at least once a week. There is no perfect recipe for keeping your sex life at its best, but there are some things that definitely help. 

Switching up the positions you use, as well as adding toys and different spaces can take things to a new level. This article is here to give you the low down on the most fun sex positions you can try with your partner. Let's get into the good stuff!

A Twist on the Classics

Everyone has tried popular sex positions like missionary, doggy style, and cowgirl. Although these positions are great, sometimes a little variation can go a long way! Here are some twists on these "standard" positions that will leave you both desperate for more. 

A Matter of Angles

Missionary is such a great position, as being able to look at your partner whilst you are having sex is a rush. But sometimes it can be boring doing it over and over. Try putting the woman's legs at a 45-degree angle, almost like frogs' legs. This will allow deeper and more intense penetration. 

Another variation is for the woman’s legs to be hanging off the edge of whichever piece of furniture you are using. This leaves her legs free to wrap around whilst you go deep inside her.

Get it on Like Animals

Those who are fans of doggy style could enjoy some of these variations. First, there is leapfrog doggy style, where the woman is in more of a crouching position. This can make it easier for you to touch her whilst she's at your mercy. 

Second, you could try prison guard doggy style. This is ideal for those who want it a little more rough or want to try it as an anal sex position. Achieved this with a standing doggy position but then hold the woman's arms behind her back.

You could also tie them up for a hands-free option. Remember to use plenty of lubrication for a smooth ride!

Let Her Ride You

A variation of the reverse cowgirl is “The Grinder”. This is where instead of putting the woman's legs on either side of you, she straddles your legs. So she has more control whilst thrusting, and it gives you a spectacular view.

You could also try cowgirl or reverse cowgirl in a sitting position or in a chair. This can also be amazing if you add in a lap dance at the beginning! 

Add Something Extra

All sex positions can feel more intense when you play with some toys. Use them as part of your foreplay, or as the cherry on top of penetrative sex, as they add a whole new level of pleasure.

Consider using a vibrator or cock ring, as the vibrations can increase sensation a lot. There are other toys for clitoral stimulation and anal play, which could be a new frontier for both of you.

If you're looking to have stronger orgasms, then taking a sexual enhancer could be the ticket! Supplements can help you to get the most out of your sex life, and now there are even versions for women too.

Location for Motivation!

Sometimes it isn’t about different sex positions, it's about where you do them. If you have tried the sex positions mentioned above, then trying them in a new place could turn up the heat. 

You could try them in a steamy shower, over the end of the sofa, or even on the kitchen countertop! Wherever the mood takes you, don’t feel restricted to just playing in the bedroom. 

The Best Sex Positions To Try

If you enjoy the tried and tested sex positions, try some of the variations mentioned in this article. There is so much to try whether you are currently dating, or you want to spice things up with a long-term partner.

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