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Spine Tingling Sensation: How Men Can Have More Intense Orgasms

Published July 18th, 2022 by Blog Team

Did you know 2% of men state they don't climx during intercourse? While that may not seem like a high percentage of men it's still an increasing problem.

Sometimes reaching the peak of climax is the least pleasing part of the entire intimate journey, but there are ways to have more intense orgasms that you might not have even known about. Are you or your partner looking to take your sexual activity to the next level?

If so, there are some things you can do, such as taking a male enhancement or touching the male g-spot, that can help your partner finally reach the sexual satisfaction they're after. Read on now and get ready to help your partner reach a toe-curling orgasm.

Take a Supplement

The truth is that all sexual enhancing supplements aren't created equal. Some are much better than others, but the goal is to help men last longer in bed.

If you or your partner has a problem reaching their orgasm, a male enhancement pill can help you reach a truly satisfying orgasm. Before you buy an enhancement pill, ensure you take your time to research it and if you plan to use it more than once, check to see if the supplier has a multi-package option that you can buy.

Depending on the provider you buy from, you might be able to access a female version of the enhancement pill for your partner to use during sexual activity.

Play With the Male G-Spot

This might seem taboo, but if you want your male partner to have a strong orgasm, it's essential you learn about the male g-spot. This area is located just inside the rectum of men.

This helps to provide a stronger orgasm because there are hundreds of nerve endings in the anus, making it sensitive to touch and pressure. If you've never taken the time to play with this area before, try it out.

Ensure you've lubricated your fingers, slowly insert your finger or toy, and watch your partner come to life.

Try Orgasm Denial

Orgasm denial is when you do everything to excite your partner and stop before they reach an orgasm. You should practice this because they stop, and buildup can cause your partner to reach a stronger orgasm.

There isn't a specific number of times you should do it. It's up to you and your partner to decide when they've had enough and when you'll finally give in and allow them to reach their orgasm.

Change Your Dietary Habits

You might not have realized until now that what you eat can affect your ability to reach a strong orgasm during sex. Try to fill your diet with things like spinach and other leafy greens.

These types of foods will help to dilate your blood vessels. This means that the blood flow to your genitals and throughout the body is increased, making it easier to reach an orgasm.

Ways to Achieve Intense Orgasms

There are several ways to reach intense orgasms, including using a male enhancement pill or changing dietary habits. You can choose to try all or none of them, but don't forget to shop Schwinnng and get ready to blow the top off your subsequent intimate sessions.

Trust us, you nor your partner will regret it.

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