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How to Improve Your Sex Life: A Guide

Published September 24th, 2020 by Blog Team

It seems like enjoying sex should be simple, right? After all, our bodies are programmed and built for it. The reality isn't so easy.

Countless factors can interfere with your sex life, from stress at work to low energy. The longer you've been with your partner, the more likely it is to see your once-adventurous sex life cool off. That doesn't mean your best days are behind you though.

There are plenty of tips and strategies for how to improve your sex life if you know where to look. Start with these ideas.

Plan Your Fantasy Nights

We all have a few sexual fantasies that pop into our heads from time to time. Now is the time to bring them to life.

Make a deal with your partner to have a "fantasy night" once every month or so. You take turns using fantasy night to enjoy your hottest fantasies with your partner. Pull together role-play scenarios, toys, outfits, or whatever will make your fantasy complete.

Make the fantasy a surprise unless it's something your partner may not be comfortable with. In that case, have a chat about it in advance and if they're not comfortable with the idea, try a different fantasy.

Learn to Communicate What You Want

Communicating with your partner about what turns you on, what stimulates you the most, and what your body responds to can boost your sex life in a few ways. For one, if your partner knows more about where and how you want to be touched, they'll get it right the first time.

On top of that, though, breaking the ice of talking about sex can put you and your partner on a new plane. You'll be more connected and open to each other. That feeling of connection tends to lead to more fulfilling sex.

Keep it positive, though, rather than criticizing your partner's performance. Focus on what you want more of. Better sex comes from feeling powerful, not feeling inadequate.

Try Sexual Enhancements

Your mind can do a lot but sometimes your body needs more direct help. There are options for people of any gender.

One option for boosting your libido is a male enhancement pill. These magical meds will give you stronger arousal that lasts longer, and has more energy to boot.

Kegel exercises are helpful as well, though it takes time for them to work. These exercises focus on the pelvic floor around the vagina. By strengthening these muscles, you can get faster, stronger orgasms.

Start Slow

Rushing sex is a common problem for couples. One partner leaps in and the other tries to keep up but hasn't had a chance to fully get into the mood.

If that's an issue for you, force yourself to slow the process. Set a timer for ten or fifteen minutes and spend that time touching, kissing, and caressing. Then set a timer for another fifteen minutes or so of foreplay.

When that timer goes off, you can move onto sex. Taking it slow will build anticipation and arousal so that by the time you get to the main event, your body is raring to go.

Go on an Idea Hunt

Sometimes your sex life needs a taste of something new. If your well of creativity is dry, there are plenty of ideas to be found.

Start exploring the web for sex position ideas, toys to try, role play ideas, and so on. Find something new to try the next time you hit the sheets. This idea hunt itself can be a turn-on too, so use it to get in the mood.

Experiment Solo

Ever wondered why you've never seen a step-by-step guide to giving someone an orgasm? That's because there isn't one. Every person's body is unique and responds to different types of touch.

A great way to figure out what works for your body is to fly solo. When you masturbate, make a mental note the areas that are most sensitive, the types of pressure and motion that feel best, and other helpful details. Of course, don't get so caught up in fact-finding that you forget to have fun.

With that knowledge in hand, you can better guide your partner around your body and teach them what you like.

Build Anticipation

Some people need more time to get into the mood than others, so why not give your partner all day? Leave little notes for them around the house while they're getting ready in the morning, hinting at the fun that is to come that night.

You could also send them texts during the day, reminding them about what's in store for later. By the time they get home from work, you'll both be on the edge of your seats.

Make a Sex Bucket List

We all have things we want to try in bed (or elsewhere). Why not turn those ideas into a long-term sex scavenger hunt of sorts?

Make your "sex bucket list" of all the fun things you want to try at some point. Have your partner do the same, or create a combined list together. When the mood or opportunity strikes you, indulge in some of those fantasies, and cross them off your bucket list.

Focus More Time on Each Other

If you have a hard time getting in the mood, it may not have anything to do with sex. You might be feeling a lack of connection with your partner. You may be in the same home every evening, but how much of that time do you spend actually interacting with each other?

Try building more time into your schedule to spend time together (with clothes on). Find activities or events you can go to together, or games you can play together at home.

Reliable Strategies for How to Improve Your Sex Life

If you're looking for ideas of how to improve your sex life, you're already part of the way there: you have a desire to improve. Try the ideas above to put the heat back between the sheets and enjoy the thriving sex life you know to be possible.

To start that process today, shop our male enhancement pills online.


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