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How to Have Sex More Often

Published May 25th, 2022 by Blog Team

In recent years, men's sexual inactivity has increased so much that 1 in 3 men report having no sexual activity in the span of a year. This uptick in male celibacy is not for lack of desire- Trust us, men still want to have sex.

But, the stress of modern living takes its toll on our libidos. If you want to start having more sex despite the downward trends, we have you covered. Read on to learn more about how to have sex more often starting today.

Workout More

A higher sex drive leads to better sex, and working out is a proven way to get your libido up. Exercise releases endorphins into your body, making you feel happy and boosting your energy.

Also, exercise increases blood flow to all parts of your body, including your genitals. This means that when it starts getting steamy in the bedroom, you’ll be able to perform for longer periods of time because you won’t tire out right away.

Eat Well

Eating libido-enhancing foods is a critical part of how to have sex more often. Eat at least three healthy meals every day, and include foods that are high in vitamins and minerals as well as protein.

Foods like egg whites, fruits, vegetables, fish, and chicken are all high in protein and are great food sources for having sex more often. It is also important to stay hydrated so drinking lots of water or low-calorie beverages such as tea will help you have sex more often.

Get Better Sleep

Many men who ask how to have sex more often don't get enough quality sleep every night. Poor sleep patterns affect your sex drive because they leave you groggy so you have no energy for sex.

Fortunately, sleeping to increase your sex drive is easy. Start by creating a bedtime routine and stick to a bedtime schedule so you wake up refreshed every morning.

You can also try using one of the various sleep apps to help monitor your sleep patterns. If you notice something abnormal, try checking in with a doctor. Not only can they help you sleep better for sex, but you'll find you have more energy for other activities as well.

Experiment More

Experimenting more in the bedroom is important to both partners and it’s a great way to improve on the sex you have. Try new positions, have sex in different locations, and make sure you talk about what each of you wants.

You can also experiment with sex toys and other accessories that can help enhance your sex life or make things more interesting. Remember, sex toys aren't just for women anymore. There are plenty of toys for men that will help you look forward to intimacy more, thus increasing your desire to have sex.

How to Have Sex More Often With Schwinnng

Sometimes, the answer to how to have sex more often is as simple as a supplement. If you're not interested in prescription solutions, start with a proven over-the-counter solution that will get you in the mood in minutes.

Schwinnng increases sex drive and helps you have sex more often by increasing blood flow to your penis through a powerful combination of phytochemicals. Order Schwinnng today to experience all-natural male enhancement yourself!

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