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Common Myths About Sexual Enhancement Supplements

Published January 20th, 2023 by Blog Team

Did you know that risk of erectile dysfunction increases with age? Around 52% of men experience a form of ED. This can increase up to 15% for those between the ages of 40 and 70.

If you have ED or want to stay harder for longer in the bedroom, you might be considering sexual enhancement supplements. There are a lot of myths surrounding this topic, so we are here to lay some truth for you.

Keep reading for the most common myths debunked.

Supplements Boost Your Sex Drive

One of the most common myths about sexual enhancement supplements is that they boost your sex drive. Supplements like Viagra are used solely to address low blood flow to the penis.

Sexual stimulation is a combination of emotion, physical stimulation, hormones, and other factors. Because of this, Viagra and supplements like it won't enhance your sex drive or libido.

Supplements Work Instantly

Sexual enhancers are not the same as aphrodisiacs. When you take a male sexual enhancer, it won't instantly give you an erection.

Take the prescribed supplement dose about 30-60 minutes before having sex. Always read the instructions and recommendations at the bottom for the best results.

It's possible that certain types of sexual enhancements won't work for your body. The benefits of supplements might not develop the first time you take them, so you'll need to try them on separate occasions to decide if they work for you.

Erections Last for Hours

If you are worried about taking a sexual enhancer because you think your erection will last for hours, don't be. This is a common myth often seen in movies and television shows.

When you take erection supplements, your erection goes down after sexual intercourse. The supplements only temporarily increase blood flow to the penis to help you maintain an erection during intercourse.

The effects will wear off after sex. However, Viagra has been linked to priapism, which is an erection that lasts more than four hours. This is a rare medical condition that requires immediate treatment.

Viagra Is the Only Option

Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) typically take Viagra, but this is not the only treatment option available.

Talking to your doctor about safe sexual enhancements, whether you have ED or not, is key to a better sex life. Doctors can prescribe oral medications and supplements, or recommend changes in lifestyle.

Sometimes all it takes to help your sex life are natural changes like quitting smoking or losing weight. Diet and exercise might even help men get stronger erections and stay hard longer.

No matter the supplement you take, always take the medication as prescribed. Consider any existing health conditions that you have before taking sexual enhancers.

Do You Need Sexual Enhancement Supplements?

Not everyone needs sexual enhancement supplements to have a successful and healthy sex life. In some instances, they can help men keep an erection. Viagra is one of the most common medications, but it's not the only one.

If you want to stay hard while having sex, you can talk to your doctor about possible treatment options. If you have ED, Viagra might be the best choice for you.

To start having great sex again, order sexual enhancement supplements now.

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