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What Causes Low Sex Drive in Women?

Published June 21st, 2022 by Blog Team

Are you worried that your partner isn't attracted to you because she appears to not be interested in sex? Put those thoughts and worries behind you. Many factors could be causing the low sex drive.

Low sex drive in women is more prevalent in 52.4% of naturally menopausal women than 26.7% of non-menopausal women.

Ready to learn the cause of your or your partner's trouble? Keep on reading to find out more so you can help her figure it out.

Low Sex Drive in Women

Most women will experience low sex drive at least once in their life. There are many reasons for low sex drive, and it is different in men and women. 

Women are complicated and hard to figure out what is going on, which makes it tough when finding a solution to your partner's problem.

You don't want to start trying to woo your woman when she has made it known that she is not in the mood. This can cause fights between you and can be even more of a reason for her sex drive being low.

Physical Ailments

Many women who take antidepressants or birth control can experience lower sex drive. This is because when taking them it can lower levels of testosterone.

Yes, women have testosterone. They just have different levels of testosterone. It plays a role in women's sex drive by boosting the libido of your woman.

If you or your partner has a known medical disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer, then this can cause low sex drive too. 

Hormone Fluctuations

Have you and your partner recently got pregnant or had a baby and are now breastfeeding? This can cause a lot of hormone fluctuations and low sex drive.

A woman goes through a lot during pregnancy and post-partum. Once a woman goes through menopause, her hormones change even more. 

Mental Health Issues

Mental health problems like depression and anxiety can play a big part in not having a high sex drive. Stress can also be a problem. Everyday life can be exhausting, so be sure to do things that can help your partner relax.

Body image and past experiences could also play a part. This is of no fault to you or them. They could have gone through abuse, and it stuck with them. The best you can do is be gentle and patient with them.

Let them know that you are there for them and will be there to help them.

Relationship Problems

There could be some relationship problems between the two of you, whether it is known or not. 

Communication is key. 

If you find yourself lacking connection with your partner, think about what you would do at the beginning of the relationship. Do those with them.

Communicate your feelings and try to resolve any conflicts that you might have with them.

How to Increase Your Sex-Drive With Schwinnng

Increasing the low sex drive in women is as simple as finding a supplement. You can also take steps in getting the issues taken care of by talking to your partner.

Schwinnng now has a product for women! You can order it now!

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