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The Art of Anticipation: How to Build Sexual Tension with Your Partner

Published November 30th, 2023 by Blog Team

Great sex involves so much more than penetration. Building up to sex goes a long way toward increasing the satisfaction of both partners.

Psychologists argue that foreplay begins outside of the bedroom. Understanding how to build sexual tension will ensure your partner craves you when the time comes.

We've written a brief guide on how to get started. Let's explore what you need to know.


This is a great way to build sexual tension before you even see each other in person. Consider sending steamy messages throughout the workday about the activities you have planned for later. You could even include naughty pictures to take things a bit further.

Sexting can have an even greater impact when it occurs suddenly. For instance, you could send a suggestive photo in response to a question like "How's your day going?"

Feel free to get creative with how you explore this opportunity. In some cases, it could become a regular interaction between you and your partner.

Take Things Slow

You can easily build sexual tension by taking things slower than normal. How slow you go will depend on how your encounters generally occur.

For instance, you and your partner might normally have sex shortly after you see each other. The longer you wait, the more anticipation you'll build.

A great way to slow things down is by planning romantic activities that don't include sexual contact. Going to dinner or watching a movie are tried and true methods to build sexual tension and lead to better sex.

Incorporate Touch More Often

Touching can drive your partner wild if done the right way. You can use touch to tease your partner and make them focus their thoughts on sharing sexual experiences with you. Touch doesn't always have to be erotic, either.

You could put your hand on their thigh or put your arm around them. The act of making physical contact will make them excited to take things further.

Mix Things up

Don't be afraid to try out something new in your sex life. If you normally have sex in the bedroom, have sex in a different area of your home.

You could even explore different sexual fantasies depending on your interests. Have an open conversation with your partner about what sexual activities they'd like to try.

Establish there's no pressure to try something outside of their comfort zone. Something as simple as role-playing can dramatically increase how erotic your sexual encounters become. Staying open-minded can make these conversations arousing in themselves.

Knowing How to Build Sexual Tension Is Simple

Understanding how to build sexual tension can seem difficult or unpleasant at first. In practice, It's much easier than most people anticipate. The tips in this guide will ensure that you get started on the right track and take your intimacy to the next level.

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