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Sexual Appetite: What’s Your Rating?

Published October 20th, 2022 by Blog Team

On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad do you want sex right now? 

Are you thinking about steaming hot sex in your bed as you log on for work? Or are you eating yogurt while daydreaming about your next trip to Bali to escape your job?

Depending on your answer to this, we can help you determine your sexual appetite. And no, that's not food! We can figure out how high your libido is and how much sexual desire you have on a daily basis.

Low Libido

If you ranked yourself anywhere from a 1-3, you probably have low libido.

But why? There are certain things that can cause you to have a lower sex drive than you would either like or notice in your partner or other people!

Here are a few things that could be affecting you:

  • Menopause in women 
  • Religious affiliations and expectations
  • Certain medications like chemotherapy, antidepressants, and some hormonal birth control methods
  • Age
  • Obesity 
  • Poor mental health

If you feel that you may be suffering from one of the above, you can try to increase your sex drive by changing parts of your lifestyle.

For instance, you can exercise more, eat healthier, and try to switch medications if you notice an adverse effect on your sex drive.

Maybe you simply just need to spice things up with your partner.

Average Libido

So what really is the average sex drive of a person?

The answer: There is no average. This all depends on your biology, your environment, and what you're going through on any given day.

However, you probably ranked your libido on a scale from 4 to 6.

However, studies have shown that the average person enjoys sex about 54 times per year. That's about once per week.

That doesn't include the thoughts about sex, though, which may be higher! There sometimes is not always the opportunity to have sex when you want to.

High Sex Drive

If you're dreaming about sex at this moment, and probably in an hour, and then an hour after that, you probably have a high sex drive.

Or maybe, you crave sex with your partner on a daily basis. You simply cannot resist them when you're in their vicinity. And maybe, you actually have sex a couple times per day! 

If that's the case and this sounds like you, you probably ranked your sex drive between a 7 to a 10. That means you have a lot higher sexual appetite than most people.

And that's not a bad thing - keep on doing your thing!

What's Your Sexual Appetite?

Are you always thinking about sex or could you not care less?

The answer to this question could say a lot about your sexual appetite and how strong your sex drive is. And as long as you are content, there is no problem wherever you fall on the spectrum!

However, if you do wish you had a higher sex drive, we have the solution.  At Schwinnng, we offer pills that can help you when you want to have sex. Order yours today.


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