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5 Ways Exercise Can Help You Achieve a High Sex Drive

Published June 28th, 2023 by Blog Team

Are you struggling to get in the mood lately? Is your lack of interest in sex hurting your relationship? If so, any number of factors could be playing a part. 

That said, you might be surprised to hear that a lack of exercise can cause low sex drive. It stands to reason, then, that by exercising, you have the potential to increase your sex drive. 

Wondering how exactly exercise can help you achieve a high sex drive? Then read on. Here are the ways.

1. By Helping You Lose Weight

Research shows that weight loss increases testosterone levels, especially in men. When testosterone levels are higher, sexual appetite is higher as well. Therefore, if you're struggling to get amped for sex, you should consider trying to lose some weight. 

How do you lose weight? First, you have to eat right. Second, however, you have to engage in physical exercise.

Engage in cardio 3 to 5 days a week and you'll start to notice results. 

3. By Upping Your Testosterone Levels

While losing weight does help to increase your testosterone levels, gaining muscle does so to an even greater extent. So, if you engage in resistance training on a regular basis, you stand to see huge increases in testosterone production. 

As noted above, when testosterone levels are higher, sexual appetite is higher as well. Therefore, if you're wondering how to increase your sex drive, the answer is to lift weights on a regular basis. 

4. By Providing You With Greater Stamina

Think about it; do you feel like having sex when you're tired or exhausted? Generally speaking, probably not. Therefore, if you want to maintain a consistently high sex drive, you need to maintain high physical stamina. 

How do you do this? By engaging in exercise and conditioning your body to resist exhaustion throughout the day. Do at least 30 minutes of cardio 3 to 5 times a week and you're sure to notice a difference in your libido. 

5. By Raising Your Confidence Levels

Low self-esteem and poor body image are common causes of low sex drive in women. Many men suffer from this problem as well. 

Fortunately, exercise has the ability to boost confidence levels. Not only does it produce "feel good" chemicals in the brain but it also conditions the body to look more aesthetically pleasing. When you see yourself as being sexier, you'll feel sexier and will be much more likely to want to engage in sex. 

Looking for Other Ways to Achieve a High Sex Drive?

As you can see, exercise plays a major part in determining the level of a person's sex drive. That said, it's not the only factor. If you're currently suffering from a low sex drive, there are a variety of strategies you can pursue. 

If you're a male, you could take sexual enhancement supplements. This will not only increase blood pressure in your penis but will also increase your testosterone levels, thus giving you a high sex drive overall. 

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