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5 Delicious Ways To Maintain a Longer Erection While Having Sex

Published September 28th, 2023 by Blog Team

Every man's greatest fear is getting a boner in front of people. The chance of popping a tent at the wrong time leads men to practice emergency erection-killing methods. Then when they actually need one during the act, Sir Boner decides to play dead.

Having a longer erection ensures you're there with your partner all the way to the climax. Trying to re-excite a floppy when she's close is a real mood killer. Many a couple end their congress unsatisfied because the man just couldn't keep it up.

Looking for ways to maintain a harder erection without buying out CVS's stock of Viagra? Here are 5 delicious ways to keep the blood flowing down south.

1. Get a Longer Erection With Exploration

Humans are novelty-seeking machines. We prefer new and exciting over old and familiar. So instead of defaulting to missionary, consider introducing a bit of Kama Sutra to your routine.

Really, try it all. Sex toys, role-play, even a new flavor of lube. Use this as an excuse to finally playact your deepest, most sultry fantasies.

2. Work on Eating Habits

Your mother nagged you about eating your broccoli as a kid to get stronger. These days, your partner should do the same, except this time for phallic fortitude.

Add more legumes, whole grains, and veggies to your diet. Cut down on junk food. McDonald's fries may taste orgasmic, but they could be harming your sheet-side performance.

3. Escalate Sexual Tension

Sexual tension is not all that different from tension in a film. When it's there, you're on the "edge of your seat," thrilled for what comes next. Without it, sex becomes a milquetoast, Rotten Tomatoes flop.

Try some of the following:

  • Add more touching and caressing
  • Slowly remove each other's clothes
  • Initiate sex in uncommon places
  • Be more passionate

Make it thrilling. Make it steamy. Anything reminiscent of those two words should do the trick.

4. Resolve Relationship Issues

If you're struggling to maintain a rock-solid erection, something else might also not be so rock-solid: your relationship. Arguments and nights sleeping apart happen sometimes. Too often, though, intimacy becomes a casualty alongside affection and pre-bedtime cuddling.

The fix is different for everyone. Try couples counseling, do more service for your partner, or fulfill their love language. It might take time, but you'll get a healthier relationship and solve the boneless issue in one fell swoop. 

5. Treat Performance Anxiety

Sex is, at its evolutionary core, a man's chance to prove his procreative worth. Failing to get or keep erections is like a peacock botching its mating ritual. It invites shame, embarrassment, and kills confidence--a fear of the inability to please women.

Eliminating performance anxiety is about buttressing yourself with confidence. Positively affirm that you're sexy, and believe it. Ask your partner to remind you of the desire you spark in them.

Do whatever you can to relieve the terror of leaving her wet and upset.

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