Schwinnng for Women ...NEW PRODUCT COMING ~ Need Volunteers!

You've been asking...Here it is!

We are in the testing phase of a new product for women. We are thinking of calling it "La Femme"

Our doctors and technicians have been working very hard in the lab for quite some time to develop this pill. As you know, women are more complex than men when it comes to getting turned on and being ready for sex.hence, there are more factors for women for them to really get their mental and physical self in a state of arousal. 

We only have a limited supply and we need some qualified testers. Guys, if your female partner has trouble getting turned on and being hot and ready for sex and lovemaking, please ASK her if she would be willing to try the product and provide her opinions of the product via a confidential survey to help us to determine how well the product works. What we need is an email from each person interested, and we will send out 2 capsules to each woman that is interested.

There is no purchase of any kind required. All we need is her word that she is willing to try the product and give us honest feedback. We only have a very limited supply and can only acccept 25 participants. She will be free to try it with you in the intimacy and privacy of your own home. We just need some honest feedback to see how many women the product works for and if we should release it for sale.

Please send an Email to with "La Femme" in the subject line.We need your name and a little info about yourself as to why you would like to try the product. Once we have picked our 25 women, we will send out the product and expect surveys to be completed within 2 weeks of receiving the product. Please send your address with your email so we can send the product out to you. All info will be confidential and we will not use your name for any reason. We are just interested in getting honest results. Lets hope this is a real winner!